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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 26, 2024 12:00am-1:00am PST

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doctors are african american. well, willis is such a great illustration and a lovable character that i think everyone in this book is a lovable character that you'll want to spend more time with. so, dana, thank you very much for spending time with us to explain you. thank you so much. willis watson is a wannabe will be released tuesday. you can get it wherever you like to buy your books. and if you want to check out dana dornsife laser x cancer foundation, visit lazarus. it's eleazar she's there to help. all right, that's it for today. thank you for joining us i'm shannon bream. have a great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday.
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hello america i'm mark levin and this is life, liberty and levin sunday i'm very glad you're here. this is a killer show. i can feel it. i know it. we've got great guests. peter schweizer has an exclusive interview. he's got massive information about communist china and how they're buying off republicans and democrats for the first time. you're going to hear about it in just a few minutes. we have a great law professor, john yoo. we're going to talk to him about some of the issues that are out there as well. so i'm glad you're with us. but first, i want to tell you folks about an individual named tim's tyson. tim's tyson, tim's pleaded guilty in indiana state court to dealing in a controlled substance and a conspiracy to commit theft. at the time of tim's arrest, the police seized a land rover suv tim's had
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purchased for $42,000 with money he received from an insurance policy. when his father died, the state sought civil forfeiture of tim's vehicle, charging that the suv had been used to transport heroin. observing that tim's had recently purchased the vehicle for more than four times the maximum $10,000 monetary fine accessible against him for the drug conviction, the indiana trial court denied the state's request to turn over his $42,000 vehicle. the vehicle's forfeiture court determined that would be grossly disproportionate to the gravity of tim's offense, and therefore unconstitutional under the eighth amendment's excessive fines clause. the court of appeals of indiana agreed. they affirmed, but the indiana supreme court said no, we reverse because the eighth amendment of the federal constitution in the bill of rights. well, it doesn't apply to the state penalty. and what, again, does the eighth
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amendment say? we've never talked about the eighth amendment more than we are now. why? because i brought it up and my friend arthur ferguson, who's a brilliant attorney, we were the first to point this out, that what's happened in new york against donald trump is clearly a violation of the eighth amendment. stick with me . this is very important. what does it say? excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted. does that phrase nor excessive fines imposed have anything to do with the states? well, i read to you the summary of the facts from a decision the timbs versus indiana decisions decision that was issued in 2019, a mere four and a half years ago. this decision was available to letitia james, the state attorney general of new york. this decision was available to the judge, the crony judge in this case, it's available to the whole world. and it sets the standard for the united states, including
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the state courts, on what they can and cannot do. so what did the supreme court say? first of all, it was a 9 to 0 decision in not a single justice agreed with the state prosecutors and the state government, not one. the majority opinion had seven. seven bipartisan justices. there were two concurring opinions, but they all agreed that it violates the eighth amendment. they wrote this and the opinion was written by ruth bader ginsburg, no less. the eighth amendment's excessive fines clause is an incorporated protection applicable to the states under the 14th amendment's due process clause, so it applies to the states through due process. under the 14th amendment. it's called the incorporation doctrine. that's why the first amendment, second amendment, virtually all the other amendments are applied to the states because on their face they don't apply to the states. so the supreme court said these do and this does. this is four and a half years
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ago. the judge in the case, does he not read the supreme court decision. the attorney general, does she not read it or she just doesn't care about it? but here it is. we care about it. the 14th amendment's due process clause incorporates and renders applicable to the states bill of rights protections. quote fundamental to our scheme of ordered liberty or deeply rooted in this nation's history and tradition. this is from the court unanimous. if a bill of rights protection is incorporated, there is no daylight between the federal and state conduct. it prohibits or requires they go on the prohibition embodied in the excessive fines clause carries forward protection fines found in sources from the magna carta, the magna carta of 2015. so this is a protection that's over 800 years old by matter of fact, to the english bill of rights to state constitutions from the colonial era to the present day, protections against excessive fines has
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been a constant shield throughout anglo american history for good reason. such fines undermine nine other liberties they can be used. for example, to retaliate against or chill the speech of political enemies. they can be employed, not in service of penal purposes, but as a source of revenue. the historical and logical case for concluding that the 14th amendment, under the due process clause incorporates the excessive fines clause, is indeed overwhelming. in other words, the case that was brought against donald trump should never have been brought there shouldn't even been a sentencing hearing. there shouldn't have been fines. there shouldn't have been anything. this case against donald trump is a greater for more grave violation than anything we've ever seen. under the excessive fines. part of the eighth amendment, and much worse than the timbs case, the case brought against president trump violates over 800 years
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of history of western enlightenment and the law dating back to the magna carta. president trump's case is much stronger than anything before, much stronger than the timbs case that the court ruled on. why the prosecutor for the state, leticia james, campaigned for office on the platform of destroying donald trump. her statements are now evidence of her intent and motivation in any appeal, and central to the violations of the eighth amendment to the state. consumer fraud statute used against president trump has never been used. this way against anybody else in the history of the statute. by the state of new york, ever. it's been used against him and his family. the associated press reviewed nearly and i report as they report 150 reported cases under the statute used to punish mr. trump and stated that nearly every previous time
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a company was taken away, victims and losses were key factors. customers had lost money or brought defective products or never received services ordered, leaving them cheated and angry. actual fraud, harm, detrimental reliance. those are the three elements of fraud. no one was defrauded here. no one was harmed. no proof of detrimental reliance. none of them exist. also no testimony by anybody who lost anything. no complaint filed by any bank, by any insurance company, by any lender. in fact, the testimony was to the contrary. now, there was no trial. there was no jury. wow sounds like pre 1215 if you ask me. the judge ruled on the papers and he ruled that donald trump was guilty and that was that. all the back and forth, all the hearings were about the fines and the penalties before donald trump
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stepped into that courtroom, he was guilty. according to this democrat elected judge. i want you to think about that. when president trump walked into that courtroom, he was already adjudicated guilty. the judge in the case and elected democrat like the prosecutor and elected democrat, had made earlier statements in other settings very negative about donald trump that should have caused him to recuse himself. but obviously he didn't. none of them do in any of the cases where we know that they're biased against trump. and i'm going beyond the fact that what this judge should have ruled immediately is, uh, madam attorney general, you have no case under the timbs case, and you have no case because a case like this has never been brought. you're talking about a former president of the united states. you're talking about a candidate for president of the united states. you're talking about a man who built the skyline in new york city. and you're bringing me a cockamamie case. next thing you know,
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you'll bring the ku klux klan case. oh, wait a minute. they already did that in washington. and what does the judge do? he orders nearly half $1 billion in fines and interest orders. president trump and his sons to turn his business over to the state, effectively the state of new york to be managed by another former prosecutor of his choosing, letitia james, the state prosecutor. she's made the rounds on the sunday shows, bragging about what she accomplished, bragging about how she upheld her campaign promise. so trump properties, she says. now, if he doesn't come up with $400 million, what is effectively bond in order to have the privilege of appealing the decision by this judge and the actions by the state government show she will seize the properties and sell them from under him, sell them from under him at pennies on the
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dollar. think about this. you know what this is from her campaign statements from the judges, prior statements from the use of a statute that's never been used. this way against anybody else in the history of new york, the lack of a trial, the lack of a jury, a decision on the papers and all the rest of it. this is a prima facie case of a violation of the eighth amendment. it's not even a close case. the state prosecutor and judge had to know in 2019, the supreme court ruled that this kind of state action was absolute, unequivocally unconscious and a violation of the bill of rights under the 14th amendment's due process clause. a judge even said president trump, in his statement, i'm doing what's close to the maximum, if not the maximum, because you didn't show remorse. you didn't bend your knee, you didn't kiss the hand of the state. that is the hand of the king. so we're
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stealing your property out from under you. we're stealing it, and we're going to sell it if we have to. and you'll have no recourse. no recourse. what did ruth bader ginsburg say in her opinion? 9 to 0. the supreme court ruled that other liberties are affected. other liberties are affected. when a king, when a tyrant, when a dictator, when a state, when the federal government treats citizens this way, there is absolutely no legitimate basis of any kind, legally, factually , for what was done here except attempt to steal the property from donald trump to try and bankrupt him because he's donald trump, because he's a former president, because he's running for president and they're doing the dirty work of the democrat party and the
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beautiful are. welcome back. america. there is no better journalist who uncovers these
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really seedy muck in our government. and by certain populations. and peter schweitzer. and it's always an honor to have peter on the program as an exclusive guest when he has a new book coming up. he doesn't just put out books, his books are his team does an enormous amount of research. they back it up with facts and footnotes, and it's always jaw dropping. and his new book, blood money why the powerful turn a blind eye while china kills americans, is stunning. it's stunning in the breadth to which communist china owns our government. it's stunning in the extent to which it affects our society. it is stunning by the fact that we have a president of the united states and a family. as peter has reported before, that basically has taken tens of millions of dollars from this governor, which i think is one of the reasons why they don't stand up to communist china. peter schweitzer, welcome. i want to jump right into your book. we're not going to be
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able to cover the whole thing. but if folks, if you get any book, this is the book you need to get. and the sooner the better. it comes out on tuesday. let's start with china's foot soldiers. china's foot soldiers in america. what do you mean by that? yeah i mean, you look at a situation like the fentanyl crisis. it's killing 100,000 americans a year. and a lot of people know that the precursor was come from china. what they don't know is that china's involved in every single chain in in this link that leads to the death of americans, the precursors come to a port, the port of manzanillo in mexico. it's run by a chinese company. they send those precursors up to a small border town in mexico, where 2000 chinese nationals helped them turn it into fentanyl. they take pill presses that are imported from china that are sold to the drug cartels at cost by the chinese. they make these pills. they then bring them across the border into the united states. now the mexican cartels need a
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way to communicate securely. mark they use chinese apps and chinese communication devices because they know the chinese will not share that information with american law enforcement. and finally, when these drug cartels collect all this money they used to launder back in the old days with cocaine, they used to launder those profits in latin american banks. today, they launder them in chinese banks. so the fentanyl crisis is completely one that is delivered from china. and the problem is our political leaders, people like joe biden, people like gavin newsom, people like adam schiff have ties. they have entanglements to some of the networks that are involved in this process. money laundering, etc. if you just look at joe biden, for example, mark the chinese gangster that set up the sinaloa cartel, all with fentanyl, made them the kings of fentanyl is a guy named zhang and lo, he goes by the
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name white wolf. white wolf has a business partner for that business partner gave the biden family $5 million. so does joe biden really want to have a conversation about chinese involvement in the fentanyl crisis? he does not. and his policies show it. you mentioned adam schiff. you mentioned newsom. tell us a bit about their links. yeah, i mean, gavin newsom is the same way. he does not want to talk about china's involvement in the fentanyl crisis, even though the amount of fentanyl deaths in california has gone up more than 1,000% since 2016, he took a trip to china, had nothing to say about this, said it's not about finger pointing with china. despite their involvement in all of this. the problem that gavin newsom has is going back to his days as the mayor of san francisco. he has been neck deep in relationships with chinese organized crime networks that are involved in the drug trade. he appointed a gentleman in charge of economic development for chinatown in san francisco,
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who ended up being a dragon head, a leader of a chinese organized crime syndicate involved in the drug trade. he had a gentleman on his transition team as mayor who ended up being involved with these same organized crime networks when he set up an entity called china sf. this was designed to bring chinese investment dollars to the bay area. and he picked a gentleman in china who happened to have a known history and connection to chinese organized crime. so gavin newsom, i would argue, is personally compromised. he does not want to have a conversation about chinese organized crime networks working in the united states in the drug trade. if you look at adam schiff, you see a very similar pattern. there's a business that was operating out of his district called allied wallet. executives from that company sent more than hundreds of $100,000 to his campaign and to his pacs. this company, when they sent the money to adam
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schiff, was already under fbi investigation. schiff took it anyway, and lo and behold, that company is involved, became involved in money laundering with chinese organized crime. adam schiff is chairman of the intelligence committee, did nothing on fentanyl. if you look at his congressional web page, he has nothing to say about china's involvement, even though in his district, fentanyl deaths from 2016 to now have gone up more than 1,200. he's been completely silent. blood money. why the powerful turn a blind eye while china kills americans by peter schweizer and peter. it's sort of bipartisan, isn't it? there are also republican politicians, too, who might they be? well, mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate, is a prime example of this. a fentanyl, of course, is a huge problem in in kentucky in his state. and he proclaims that he supports the biden administration in imposing economic sanctions on chinese
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businessmen or chinese officials that are caught being involved in the fentanyl trade. look, the bottom line is the chinese don't care. they laugh at this. the trump administration actually put sanctions on a businessman named juan. uh, this gentleman was sanctioned by our government for his involvement in the fentanyl trade in march of 2021, he gave a blazing speech where he said he was proud of his involvement in the drug trade. he was proud in how it helps china in its competition with the united states. and he was given an award by the ccp. mitch mcconnell thinks this is the way you deal with this problem, and it's not going to happen. and this is, i think, because his family has long, extensive commercial ties, going back for a long time with mainland china, he does not want to disrupt that flow of money to his family. and you broke that on this show a couple of years ago. and the republicans still vote for him to be their majority leader or their leader . it's just stunning to me. there's so much more in this book, folks. when we come back,
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peter, i want to get to this issue destabilizing our country, destabilizing a democracy. the book is called blood money. it comes out tuesday, but you can order it right now on com it'll be available on any major bookstore. the timing is right. this is crucially important. they're trying to create russia collusion again with trump, which is laughable. we have communist china collusion all around the democrat party. some republicans too. we'll be right back. welcome. to fox nation. okay. here we go. a place where history is held sacred in one night. they showed the world that free people could rise up against unchecked power, willing to risk everything despite all odds and heroes can shine. pilots are laser focused and determined to perform without excuse. get on your stomach now. these videos are unlike anything you've ever seen. you've got familiar faces, silly faces, get filthy stinking rich boys operators.
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save. welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmier in new york. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu stoking fresh fears of a military operation in gaza's rafah city. he's now threatening his troops will enter the crowded city regardless of a temporary ceasefire deal with hamas. netanyahu says the deal would only somewhat delay the offensive. his cabinet will meet this week to approve plans for the invasion, which includes the evacuation of civilians. more than a million people are taking refuge in the city. netanyahu claims total victory against hamas in gaza will only be weeks away once the operation starts. cases of norovirus are on the rise in the u.s, especially in the northeast. new data from the cdc shows more than 13% of the test results came back positive in the region last week, and it has been that high since late january. symptoms include diarrhea, stomach pain, and vomiting. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to life, liberty and levin. welcome back america.
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this is the bible on what communist china is doing to our country. the politicians they bought off, the politicians that are soft on them from drug cartels to fentanyl them. from drug cartels, to fentanyl, to destabilizing our democracy this book is about what right now is a must read blood money that politicians do not want you to read it that is for sure i definitely want you too. destabilizing democracy there's an entire chapter on that what you mean by that? lexmark i've noticed you've talked about the fact of the last five years america just does not seem to resemble itself anymore we have got chaos in the streets. we've got increase in violence there is all of these issues related to identifying as a man and a woman and what i really discovered is america is on fire. china is holding an empty can of
12:30 am
gasoline and our leaders are not saying anything about it. the gasoline is very clear in very explicit. so, for example we had all of the violent riots in 2020 involving blm. and now we have violent protest in favor of hamas. many of the same organizations are active in 2020 are doing it again now these are groups that have deep abiding ties to the ccp some of them received funding from them. there are certainly an information exchange. the ccp tracks them and their purpose is to create turmoil and chaos in the united states. the other thing the ccp is doing as they have large operations involving a military officers where they set up social media accounts in the united states buried hundreds of thousands if not millions of them they manage half of them and they all pose as americans. half are posting content online
12:31 am
that sells americans are completely totally worthless racist society for the other half of them are running stories that say i only like white people. they're trying to pit us against each other by injecting this into our social media. that's leading the social chaos. then you look at an issue like the transit movement in the united states. what i discovered is two of the largest funders of the transit movement in the united states are actually china -based billionaires. they give it money to radical causes it's one of the reasons we see the upswing in the trance because of the last few years they are funded to the tune of tens of millions of dollars what is a guy named rice an american who sold his business to an investment fund partly owned by the chinese. he now lives in china but wondered $60 million into radical causes in the united states. the other one is joe tsai the cofounder of ali baba he's a big funder of the transit movement in the united states and here's
12:32 am
the important thing. these gentlemen are not advocating for the same positions in china. they are only doing it in the united states. this is an effort, all of it is an effort to so chaos, create turmoil into pit american against american and sadly it is working the final thing i would add is the violence in our streets we uncovered china is actually providing tools that help convert handguns certain handguns to machine guns and they have been smuggling these two criminal gangs and drug dealers in the united states since 2018 again the purpose is to cause violence and chaos in america streets. and have you heard any of our political leaders in washington talk about this? very, very, very few most of them do not want to have this conversation. mark: was truly unconscionable
12:33 am
that we are supposed to be here fbi director mumbled through his testimony he must know this or at least some of this because china is a probably jimmy by that questioning his stay alert. stay alert to what? secretary of dhs has been impeached he clearly must know what's going on with fentanyl and so forth. and of course the white house must know to what they don't seem to care the borders are wide open. biden treats president xi was an enormous respenormous respect as attacking netanyahu, trump all the wrestle me ask you this hollywood is also a propaganda operation for the communist chinese, no question reports they absolutely are. some of the big studios traded joint funding operations with china or china funds some of these movies some are children's movies like kung fu panda three for example. what they do is they get veto rights on what is in the script and it is not just about keeping
12:34 am
taiwan out of any of these movies they are actually these with a communist values that is the way they describe it. and if you look at tiktok the same thing is going on. we are having a conversation in this country about is tiktok a security threat? joe biden is now on tiktok. they are not having this debate in china par but in china they already have a plan they are enacting a plan to use it as a propaganda vehicle and i quote extensively from chinese officials on exactly how they are doing that. what is the reason why nothing is being done about this in a significant way because china is attacking us on every front in multiple ways? it's at because too many people in high places are bought off because that is what i get out of this this is another fantastic probably your best as a matter fact. there is no emphasis other than a few comments here and there on china and what were going to do
12:35 am
about china no economic pushback. is it because too many of them are on the take? x yes, some of them are deafly on the take i name them in the book people like barack obama and john kerry but also their people who may not have a financial relationship. that's what i am reporting is true and accurate, and it is you cannot have a normal relationship with communist china. that makes leadership decisions far more difficult. you have got a lot of go along to get along people in washington d.c. who may not be connected financially with china but they the complication of the difficult choices that need to be made they are failing us as leaders brick works and want you folks to know we have barely touched the surface this is a compelling book it's a very, very important for every citizen to read blood and money why the powerful turn a blind eye will china kills americans. they are in every aspect of our culture, our media, hollywood, our government and they are just getting started.
12:36 am
peter schweitzer i want to thank you for your fantastic book you can get it at it comes out on tuesday. watch your back brother,. >> thank you mark, appreciate it. mark: we will be right back.
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force factor total beets is the number one beets brand in america. that's why friends and family recommend total beets. now you can find total beets blood pressure chews at walmart so you can boost nitric oxide, support blood pressure and improve heart health. rush to walmart and find total beets. mark: welcome back america prefer the first time on this program and why i am not sure because john yoo is the best. i knew of years ago before he was famous and you know me years
12:41 am
ago anyway, john yoo a professor at uc barkley law that's gotta be endurable. the former attorney general hoover institution visiting fellow. john yoo quick questions here but very important to hear your answer. and look at these cases against trump the civil case by letitia james, never been brought before the history of the statute. the attempt by bragg to take a misdemeanor and drag it through the complaint and then felonies at the local level. nobody's ever seen that before. a rico case where you are challenging an election even a different slate of electors that happened in 1876. allen durso which is been said we had a slate of electives ready to go in florida before the supreme court and that's not a crime. you have january 6 case where there is no insurrection charge, no sedition charge, no violent act charge. we reach back on the finally
12:42 am
look at the florida case the espionage act and never been used against a president of american history. certainly intended for that purpose. we look at this landscape we don't really have statutes that are intended to be used in the way they are being used. how do you approach all of what is going on against donald trump? what do you make of this question reports. >> great to be with him glad you're not a litigator to mourn suing people like me but this is what is going on you used to work at the justice department's i used to work at the justice department one thing we understood as our prosecutors have enormous power in our society and we have to restrain ourselves we have to have the utmost integrity when choosing our cases because we could destroy someone's life even if we don't win and i think that is what you see in case after case that you listed you are seeing a prosecutors abuse their vast power because they are going
12:43 am
after a man they are not going after a crime. the great attorney general robert jackson who later went on the supreme court worn prosecutors throughout the country we don't go after people. that is what happens in soviet russia. that's what happens in nazi, germany. prosecutors have to go and prosecute the crime when it is in the national interest. what you are seeing here is a prosecutors in new york city, and new york state, in georgia, and washington stitching together as you said unprecedented readings of the law. cases that have never in brought against anyone because they just want to bring down donald trump. this is a dangerous precedent because, i am sorry to say you have seen prosecutors acting badly. you have seen the hearing sentiment going on in georgia for example with fani willis. i went to copyright the show title real prosecutors of atlanta. i cannot believe prosecutors are acting this way. i haven't bragg and new york city who is up next to might be
12:44 am
the first the prosecutor ever to bring a real courtroom case against a former president who is clearly making up the law. i think he is violating the constitution because he is trying to pretend he has the right to prosecute donald trump for federal campaign violations, when the federal government investigated and dropped it and chose not to bring any charges. this is something the supreme court said is unconstitutional for state and city prosecutors to do. that is the important thing unfortunately of prosecutors are going to act this way they are not just going to get donald trump or not they are breaching a wall of responsibility that is kept prosecutors contained for 200 years. what's going to happen when prosecutors want to go after joe biden or hunter biden exactly the same way that blue state prosecutors are going after donald trump. >> courts only ask you about that we have a special counsel issued report late out
12:45 am
by my count at least a score of felonies. against joe biden and the espionage they have a joe biden on record talking to his ghostwriter they don't even know i have these things of that sort that is when he was a vice president, when he was a senat senator. special counsel says were not going to prosecute him because i don't think a jury would find him guilty does not have the his wits about him but that document is filled with probable cause i mean overloaded with probable cause is what prosecutors are look at. my question she was this we have a three judge panel in washington d.c. that has ruled presidential immunity no matter involves a president out of office as i'm in the next republican administration can take a look at that report and say that's fine, that is what mr. hurd decided but he didn't laid out a compelling brutal case with the multiple felonies committed by joe biden when he
12:46 am
was not president of the united states so we are going to charge them, isn't that possible now? >> that is exactly right. if you read that report i agree with you a strong case to bring against joe biden for violating the very same sb in espionage act laws that are currently being pressed against donald trump down in mar largo, florida you could say the violations are worse because joe biden has been collecting these classified documents ever since he was in the senate. he was not the president there is no fight as there is in the trump case whether trump trump case whether trump declassify the documents. i'm sorry biden took them over the course of years and is only defense is i'm a well meaning elderly man who cannot remember things. mark: may come back i have another question for you in this regard regarding immigration that people who have been harmed by the failure to comply with immigration laws at the federal level. people have died, people up and brutalized people's property have been damaged and yet we have again their circuit ruling
12:47 am
that basically a citizen can bring a civil action against a former president of the united
12:48 am
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♪ ♪. mark: welcome back america.
12:51 am
professor john yoo these two have consequences for future presidents which is my point. let me ask you on the civil side the point is basically thrown open the door in many respects. they've allow people to sue donald trump over generally six, police officers and others who claim injury as a result of his alleged actions or lack of actions. so my question to you is this, the federal immigration laws are very specific about what should and should not be done. mayorkas has been impeached they laid out a strong case when you read these articles they've issued executive orders they've done all of these things. people are being damaged. people are dying from the drugs coming across the properties are being damaged, people being raped, and brutalized and god knows what. this is not at least open the door to lawyers to push the argument that wait a minute, you ruled in washington d.c. that a president could be sued civilly for conduct or actions that rationally follow from his
12:52 am
decisions or lack of decisions. doesn't that like spring open thousands of doors for possible litigation? >> mark you still have the litigator mindset in your head. that is exactly right. the supreme court is going to start undermining the principal of a presidential immunity, as the lower courts are doing in the d.c. circuit the that eventy you are going to see more lawsuits not just against donald trump you're going to see them against barack obama, or against joe biden. because the whole point of immunity is to make sure the presidents could reach policy decisions without constantly having to worry about being a suit we want them to make the decisions that are best for the country and not just best for the personal legal liabilities. but at the d.c. circuit and ultimately the supreme court start to question the immunity that presidents have had like in the january 6 trials by the police officers for example who were harmed in the riots, then that is going to bring that
12:53 am
doctrine and protection for presidents into doubt. there is no reason why president biden then would be immune when donald trump is not. mark: one of the other things that seems to be a common thread in these cases particular at the federal level was the rush to judgment the cutting corners on appeal the cutting corners on the right to bring an appeal. you see that at the d.c. circuit with the three judge panel said by the way you do not appeal here you have seven days to appeal to the supreme court. i can tell you in all my years i've never seen anything like that in my life it raises serious due process question. it's almost like the new york case they are saying you can appeal but cough up $400 million if you don't cough it up were going to steal your properties are going were going to sell ths on the dollar and that is the punishment you are going to get just because you want to appeal. have you seen things like this let alone against the former president of the united states? >> are some of this is never happened with the former president we have never allowed
12:54 am
the legal system to harass someone like this. with these kind of cases on both federal and state court. i still have some awaiting faith in the federal court system at least in washington d.c. the supreme court justices are watching that and they have already jack smith a few times. what worries me is what's going on in the state courts like new york you just said it. i think in part the 350 million damages award which has $100 million of interest tacked onto it is so large not connected to any damages anyone suffered on whether it donald trump allegedly inflated his assets to get better mortgage terms. that amount is so large in part because it is designed to prevent donald trump from appealing because to appeal that case he has to put up $450 million just to get a hearing and the appellate court to correct what i think look like bias from the trial judge in that case. mark: is a great point it's the first time i've heard it.
12:55 am
you make the penalties so high that basically effectively you're trying to prevent him from appealing. the president's people should immediately move first day. try to get this case and the federal court and try to get it to the supreme court under the eighth the member or some other aspect because to keep going to democrats who act like democrats rather than real prosecutors and real judges becomes a problem. john yoo i want to thank you. it does amaze me you are a professor at uc barkley law not because of your brilliance but because of your attitude in your viewpoints. so hang in there. [laughter] >> thinking or we all need to have thick skins these days and i certainly have it at barkley. >> god
12:56 am
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>> welcome back america, when the law is used to perpetuate
1:00 am
crimes, then the law protects the criminals either dressed up as prosecutors or judges, the society is unraveling, the purpose of the law is to protect the civil society. the purpose of the civil society is to protect individual, when the collective, the state uses the law to punish individuals is ceases to become legitimate. if we are to be a western enlightened society and individuals like letitia james, jack smith, fani willis were to be condemned. they're targeting donald trump and people around donald trump, they're targeting us there sending a match to this republic and they're destroying it, every damn one o also you next time on "life liberty and levin"


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